Gabi Linde / HiddenCampus

Creating playful spaces for people to grow: Opening playful spaces for personal development and positive, social change. Cultural education - focus on the playful and creative use of public space at the interface of art, social activism, urban design, placemaking, and urban gaming / urban play. 

Making visions of the future come alive today with playful approaches.

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About me

I am an experience designer, urban activist, speaker and lecturer for playful public spaces, advocate for play and playful cultural education, facilitator, experiential educator and coordinator for projects with a focus on games, citizen participation, and urban space. I am an active member of the NGO Agora Köln since 2016. My dominant personalities are explorer and storyteller, who is reflected in all of my work as a freelancer since September 2015.

Creating playful spaces for people and society to grow

I am convinced that access to engagement and 'play' (especially in adult life) can lead to personal and social growth, happier and healthier lives, as well as positive, social change.
Campus, commonly known as the campus of a university, means playground from Latin. HiddenCampus creates these hidden playgrounds: learning and experience spaces that can arise anywhere, in which people have the opportunity to develop further.


October 2019 

Inspiration: Ted Talk Stuart Brown, 2008

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Stuart Brown, a pioneer of game research, says humor, games, brawling, flirting, and imagination are more than fun. More childhood games create happy, witty adults - and games can make us smarter at any age.
Source: YouTube [Retrieved online October 2019].